St. Patrick's Day is this Saturday and I'm beyond excited to be celebrating the fun day in England this year! Ian has a hockey game, but some girls and I are getting together to have drinks and some fun green themed snacks!

I've rounded up some St. Patrick’s Day party inspiration to share with all of you!

1. Straws
2. Guinness Balloons
3. Chevron Cups
4. Shamrock Card
5. Cupcake Toppers
6. Friend Card
7. Rainbow Plate
8. Lucky Balloon

Hope everyone has an awesome St. Patrick's Day weekend! 

- Char. xo



Charlotte and I both have very similar tastes in decor and constantly send each other beautiful apartment finds on Instagram, so it is only fitting we post about some of our faves and where to find them! Let's just say we both desire dreamy boho vibes for our spaces.



We've got baby fever! One of our close friends just announced their pregnancy and we couldn't be more excited! 

In the spirit of thinking all things babies right now, we thought we'd share some cute gift ideas for that special Momma to be. Enjoy ALL the cuteness.


1. Overalls - H&M
2. Moon and Star Chimes - The Cross
3. Moccasins - The Cross
4. Onesie - Indigo
5. Hat - The Gap
6. Momma T-shirt - Etsy
7. Shoes - Zara
8. Swan Rattle - The Cross
9. Bunny - The Cross
10. Rug - The Cross
11. Book - Indigo
12. Headband - The Cross
13. Teether - Otherware

I'm pretty sure it's impossible for anything baby related to be NOT cute. Oh how we can't wait to spoil this little babe!

See you in August baby Brown! 



Happy Valentine's Day Lovelies!


I just wanted to share with you a cute inexpensive gift to give any loved one – a friend, family member, or significant other. These coasters are super easy and very personable. We've done these in the past with some of our favourite photos, but I wanted to make some updated ones with some cute love sayings. Check them out below :)

Things you need:
Watercolour kit/set
Modge Podge
Paint brush
Roll of cork
Xacto Knife and cutting mat
Hot glue gun

Step 1: Get creative!

I chose to hand paint some cute love sayings and scan them to my computer but you can add photos or download mine here! After you choose your design, print and cut them out. Mine are 4x4 so they fit nice on the coaster with a little white border.

Step 2: Modge Podge.


To adhere my prints, I put Modge Podge on the coaster and the print. Then place the print and centre it on the coaster.

Step 3: Mix and Pour Epoxy.


Now I've never worked with epoxy before however, it was quite easy and nothing like I was expecting. This is the kind I used! I thought there would be an odour, but there isn't. I also thought to pour it and spreading it would be a disaster but it was really easy and not too messy. Just make sure to prep your surface. I used tons of wax paper under my tiles so it's an easy cleanup and doesn't ruin my table. Also it would help to prop your tiles up off the surface a bit. Make sure they are level so the epoxy runs off and doesn't collect on the surface. This is something I learned as I went.

You also want to make sure you have an old mixing container that you don't care to throw away. Mix the epoxy by following the instructions on your box and pour on your coasters. After I took an old paint brush and just spread the solution all around the tiles to cover the corners and edges. Now we wait.


Step 4: Glue coaster on cork backing.


Place your dried coasters on the cork backing. You will need to hot glue them. After they are all placed and glued, simply cut around them using a Xacto knife.

Voila! Homemade personalize coasters!


Let us know if you make coasters and show us how they turn out by tagging us or using #prettypaperlove.

Lots of Love,
– Michelle


So as you've heard, I moved to England, working part-time and cheering my boyfriend on while he plays hockey for the Guildford Flames.

When I was getting ready to move to here, I was SO excited! Nothing else was on my mind and I could hardly wait to get off the plane and explore this beautiful country. 

I created this packing list to help make sure I wouldn't forget a thing. I made it about a month before I had to leave haha. I just wanted to leave right away!

Packing List.jpg

Are you planning to travel abroad? Download the packing list HERE to help you remember all your top items. 

Lots of love from the UK,

- Char xo.