Charlotte and I both have very similar tastes in decor and constantly send each other beautiful apartment finds on Instagram, so it is only fitting we post about some of our faves and where to find them! Let's just say we both desire dreamy boho vibes for our spaces.



We've got baby fever! One of our close friends just announced their pregnancy and we couldn't be more excited! 

In the spirit of thinking all things babies right now, we thought we'd share some cute gift ideas for that special Momma to be. Enjoy ALL the cuteness.


1. Overalls - H&M
2. Moon and Star Chimes - The Cross
3. Moccasins - The Cross
4. Onesie - Indigo
5. Hat - The Gap
6. Momma T-shirt - Etsy
7. Shoes - Zara
8. Swan Rattle - The Cross
9. Bunny - The Cross
10. Rug - The Cross
11. Book - Indigo
12. Headband - The Cross
13. Teether - Otherware

I'm pretty sure it's impossible for anything baby related to be NOT cute. Oh how we can't wait to spoil this little babe!

See you in August baby Brown! 



It looks like fall, it feels like fall...guys I think its fall. Although I'm sad to see the summer go, I'm pretty pumped. It's my favourite season, not only because of the beautiful colours, but for the versatile styles fall brings. It's the easiest season to dress for & the colours are divine. 

I was cruising through the Chapters/Indigo website & they have some awesome new fall finds! I had to share my faves. Check them out below & let me know what your favourites are. 

I hope these items get you in the mood for fall. They sure got me in the mood for the new season...& to shop. Oh god. 

Happy Friday everyone! Have an awesome weekend.

- Char.



Is it just me or does everyone else have a mini heart attack when they walk into Chapters/Indigo? Ok good I'm glad it's not just me. 

Their paper/home/style/gifts/whatever else you wanna call it section with all the amazing goodies is what I immediately am drawn to every time I walk in there. Don't get me wrong I love all the books too, but that goody section is beyond wonderful! From bags to paper goods to cute jewellery, I can't leave that store without purchasing something I know I probably don't need, but you can't blame me right? 

The great thing about Chapters is they're not too pricey, for the most part at least. Below are some of my new favourite items. 

Are you guys swooning as much as I am yet? I'm kind of addicted to anything Kate Spade these days & I know Michelle is too. Everything is so fun! It was REALLY hard to choose my favourites for this section because I love everything & anything the company comes out with, but take a look & let me know which are your favourites! 

Out of all the great prints at Chapters, I love Stephanie Sterjovski's prints. Stumbled across her blog about a year ago. She designs a bunch of gorgeous prints to hang & frame in your office, room, house, wherever! I've seen this print in store & its gold foil to perfection! Going to have to invest in it soon. 

Seriously some awesome finds at Chapters if you're looking for the perfect gift, or shopping for yourself! Don't forget about the card section! It's equally as great as all the above!

I know you all wanna go shopping now...sorry :)




I stumbled upon this illustration on Pinterest & fell in love. Yes I know it's not Summer yet, but something about the simplicity & pops of colour made me like this A LOT.

So today I'm going to show you some fun & cute paper finds based on the colours used in this playful illustration.  

Design: prettypaperlove

Design: prettypaperlove

I'm swooning over all of these designs, quite possibly because they all have amazing bright colours in them. My weakness! 

I am a huge card & stationery lover. When I'm picking a card out for someone it takes me some time to choose. Cards are so personal. I want them to be perfect for that individual to make it that much more special when giving it to them. I don't mind spending a few extra dollars to get just the right one! I appreciate them when I receive them too. I like to think that person spent extra time out of their day to get me a card just right for my personality. HINT HINT :)

I find a lot of my cards on Etsy. Etsy is an amazing website to find the perfect paper goods (& anything else especially jewellery). Almost everything on the site is handmade or vintage, which makes it that much more personal when gifting. Have you heard of Etsy? If not go look at the site NOW...after you finish this post of course :) 

Most of the designs above I found on Etsy except for the selected few.

1. Pineapple, pink & gold oh my! This is the sweetest painting I found on Made By Girl. An awesome lifestyle blog I found a few years ago. She has some great art pieces that I definitely recommend you check out. This is one of her new paintings & I fell in love immediately. 

2. This cute "Best Mom Ever" water coloured card was found on the Etsy shop of Magnolia Tree Paperie. Simple & sweet. (We'll be posting more Mother's Day card finds next week!)

3. Oh letterpress cards... I have such a weakness for them! I purchased this card a few months ago from Smock Paper for my boyfriend. He lives in the States for half the year playing hockey, so I like to send him a little snail mail to make his day a little more interesting. Not too keen on the grammar going on here, but there's gold foil so I'm not complaining. 

4. These invites are super cute! Stumbled upon them on Oh So Beautiful Paper designed by Lauren Chism. I'm in love with the design & the little pops of baby symbols she puts throughout the invitation. Love love love these!

5 & 6. Designed by the Moglea Etsy shop. So much beautiful stationery in this shop I definitely recommend you take a look if you like these two colourful cards. 

7. Hello beautiful is right! What a pretty poster to hang in your office or on an inspiration board. Found over at the Etsy shop of Pretty Print Shop. 

Do you have a favourite card shop or paper goods store? Let us know so we can take a peak! Have an awesome weekend! 

- Char.