Charlotte and I both have very similar tastes in decor and constantly send each other beautiful apartment finds on Instagram, so it is only fitting we post about some of our faves and where to find them! Let's just say we both desire dreamy boho vibes for our spaces.



We've got baby fever! One of our close friends just announced their pregnancy and we couldn't be more excited! 

In the spirit of thinking all things babies right now, we thought we'd share some cute gift ideas for that special Momma to be. Enjoy ALL the cuteness.


1. Overalls - H&M
2. Moon and Star Chimes - The Cross
3. Moccasins - The Cross
4. Onesie - Indigo
5. Hat - The Gap
6. Momma T-shirt - Etsy
7. Shoes - Zara
8. Swan Rattle - The Cross
9. Bunny - The Cross
10. Rug - The Cross
11. Book - Indigo
12. Headband - The Cross
13. Teether - Otherware

I'm pretty sure it's impossible for anything baby related to be NOT cute. Oh how we can't wait to spoil this little babe!

See you in August baby Brown! 



Isn't Instagram great? I don't know about you guys but I'm sadly obsessed with it. I stumbled across a person on Insta today & completely fell in love with her page. I know its just another social media platform that may or may not be important to me in a few years, but I do appreciate a good page; someone who dedicates their time in every detail about what they're posting from the lighting, to the positioning to the props. It really makes the photo stand out. 

For you guys... I specially chose some awesome Instagramers (cause that's a word) & picked some of my most recent faves from them. Check it out below.


So many cute shots with lots of variety. I love Marie's page! Does this girl have a blog? Because I'd like to start following it. 


Did you love these photos as much as I did? So soft, light & simple, yet completely beautiful. I'm actually in awe of her Instagram & wished my whole feed were photos like these. Check out __gypsyheart__ here!


Fellow graphic designer, Jane, has shots with bold colours, beautiful scenery & beautiful things to look at. 

I myself don't have that much dedication in perfecting the perfect Instagram photo...just yet! I can't say I don't try sometimes, because I definitely do. Sometimes I scroll through my own page and delete photos cause I don't like how they look anymore. (Designer problems..hopefully I'm not the only one)

I hope you guys enjoyed some of these awesome Instagrammers & follow them so you can keep up with them too!

Also if you have any favourite Instagram pages, please share! We love getting suggestions. 

Thanks & talk to you soon :)

- Char.