As we all know, Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. The lights, the sparkle, the family time, the REAL Christmas trees, I just love it all! I've seen so many great holiday cards & wanted to share. See below my fave this season.

Holiday cards2.jpg

7. Kate Spade 8. 1canoe2 9. Sugar Paper 10. Oh Heiday 11. Smock Paper 12. Rifle Paper 13. GoodSouth

Which is your favourite? I think mine is 7 by Kate Spade. 

- Char. xo.



The air is crisp, the leaves are colourful & scarves have been pulled out! Fall is here & I couldn't be more excited for boot & sweater season. Fall is definitely in the running for my favourite season. It's just so hard to pick between fall & summer; they go 50-50. 

Anyways, I've pulled together 10 things everyone should be doing this fall with their spare time. Take a peak & let me know what is on the top of your list!


Seems pretty basic, but have you done it yet? I've talked about doing it forever & I think I've maybe done it once. So I'm definitely putting this on my list of to do's this fall. 


Soup is probably my favourite food...besides pizza. I'm obsessed with it & I can eat it almost all year round, but in fall it's my absolute favourite meal to have. Making soup can be quite easy & healthy! That's a great thing about it. You can throw in all the vegetables in your fridge & make up a delicious concoction. I stumbled across an apple cheddar soup over at our friend Amanda's blog & it sounds so yummy. I will be making this soup hands down! Click the photo for the recipe.


If you buy your pumpkins at a grocery store shame on you! Head a bit to the country & pick your own. You'd be surprised at how many colours & different sizes are out there, plus all the other fun activities they have at most farms for the young & old.


Sure putting a silly or scary face on your pumpkin is fun, but why not try something different this year? Michelle & I like to mix things up every year! See below last years fun take on decorating.


My boyfriend & I went apple picking this year already! Trust me on this one, you want to go. The apples are so juicy & flavourful. We even ended up baking a pie. My first pie! I think it was a big success...so add that to the list too!


There's nothing like a hot summer fire, but have you had a fall fire yet? Go get toasty by a fire outside and indulge in some treats too! Time to bring out those cozy sweaters & comfy socks. Invite some friends/family over to have a fun night in the backyard. 


With the winter months approaching, set up shop inside. Collect all your summer photos & start creating a scrapbook. I have a weakness for scrapbooks! Invite some friends over & do it together. Don't forget the wine. :)


Why don't you learn something new this fall? Look into classes in your area & see what interests you. Whether it's a new workout class or something to enhance your education, it'll be fun! I've always wanted to learn the craft of calligraphy. Click the photo below for a helpful website on the basics of calligraphy. 


These are just too good to be true. Simple, yummy & not bad for you. Click the photo for a recipe. Don't forget to add your favourite spices or some herbs for a fresh taste!


The best for last. Now that it's cold, bath time is here! I love my baths & I LOVE adding bath bombs. They always make your bath smell divine & leave my skin silky smooth, plus the ones with sparkles always make me feel like a kid at heart. The only downside to bath bombs are that they can get pricey! So why not try & make homemade ones? Click the photo to see how you can make your own. 

Which are you going to do first? Let us know in the comments below. Happy fall everyone!

- Char.



We're getting ready for another meeting with Amanda & Kody to talk all things wedding! Their special day is only 79 days away! I'm so excited for them!!!

This meeting we want to discuss anything outstanding that Miche & I need to get in order, make a big list & get cracking down on all the DIY stuff we're creating. We know the bride & grooms family have been SUPER helpful, so we're excited to hear what they have done! 

Here's a few inspiring photos that I'm swooning over this week to get me in the rustic wedding spirit (not that it ever doesn't cross my mind)!

Michelle & I found the PERFECT rustic ampersand so we're going to create an A & a K to match something similar to the above. 



Um this is perfect. 

A house nearby is getting gutted and the contractors are throwing away tons of wood. We were just so lucky to drive by on the perfect day! We found teal wood similar thickness to the above. THIS is happening. 

The photo booth at Amanda & Kody's JJ was a big hit, so it's only natural we want to do it all over again! We have a bunch of wood crates like this...I think I just found our backdrop! 

I'm really looking forward to our meeting Friday, to talk over a ton more great ideas! We absolutely love being apart of this process.

Happy hump day!

- Char.



Cruising through Pinterest is ALWAYS inspiring, even if you're not even looking for something in particular. That's the amazing thing about the site. 

While checking my feed, I stumbled across some awesome DIY's to get me into the Spring/Summer spirit. (Not that I need a push to wish the winter blues away)

rock magnets.jpg


Not only did these colourful rocks catch my eye, but when I saw the word magnet I went... whattttttt. This is SUCH an easy DIY and it's so cute. A great way to spruce up your corporate office space. 

After Michelle & I did a photo booth at A+K's jack & jill, I basically have fallen in love with anything that can be used as a backdrop for polaroids. These gold dipped feathers are great! I had them in mind for a photo booth backdrop, but you could really use the garland to decorate any room! 

I love this idea. Ok not the blinged out chain ones maybe, but how cute are those floral sunglasses? This has festival season written all over it. Thankfully that time is coming up! (Ah my fave) Check out this fun DIY in the source link to make your sunglasses pop. 

A pom pom wall hanger is a GREAT way to brighten up your white walls! Something so simple but really makes a statement in a room. Swooning hard over this one. 

Hope I inspired you to get cracking on some fun DIY's this weekend! Have a good one.

- Char.



As you guys have probably heard, Michelle & I are helping Amanda & Kody out with their June wedding. It's coming up quick & there's still lots to do! Now that all the stationery is completed, we're onto making lotsaaa lists for the jack&jill, wedding ceremony & reception. It's so fun! We're really into this sorta thing (if you haven't noticed haha) PLUS it's a barn wedding, there's nothing better, in my opinion! Pinterest is our best friend until the wedding!!!

Here are some fun ideas that I'm loving right now & might want to incorporate into Amanda & Kody's special day. 

So much inspiration here. Some of these ideas have been approved by the bride & groom & some are just more ideas to discuss. 

Can't wait until their special day!

- Char.