I've said it before & I'll say it again, Etsy has such great finds. You can find really anything homemade you can think of. From jewelry to clothing, the site has everything. 

Below are some of my favourite finds for the fall season.

Etsy Finds.png

1.  Shelf 
2. Scarf 
3. Rug 
4. Boot Cuffs 
5. Necklace 
6. Pillow 
7. Tote 
8. Hat 
9. Planter

Have you found any fall favourites on Etsy? Please share. :)

- Char.



We're getting ready for another meeting with Amanda & Kody to talk all things wedding! Their special day is only 79 days away! I'm so excited for them!!!

This meeting we want to discuss anything outstanding that Miche & I need to get in order, make a big list & get cracking down on all the DIY stuff we're creating. We know the bride & grooms family have been SUPER helpful, so we're excited to hear what they have done! 

Here's a few inspiring photos that I'm swooning over this week to get me in the rustic wedding spirit (not that it ever doesn't cross my mind)!

Michelle & I found the PERFECT rustic ampersand so we're going to create an A & a K to match something similar to the above. 



Um this is perfect. 

A house nearby is getting gutted and the contractors are throwing away tons of wood. We were just so lucky to drive by on the perfect day! We found teal wood similar thickness to the above. THIS is happening. 

The photo booth at Amanda & Kody's JJ was a big hit, so it's only natural we want to do it all over again! We have a bunch of wood crates like this...I think I just found our backdrop! 

I'm really looking forward to our meeting Friday, to talk over a ton more great ideas! We absolutely love being apart of this process.

Happy hump day!

- Char.



As you guys have probably heard, Michelle & I are helping Amanda & Kody out with their June wedding. It's coming up quick & there's still lots to do! Now that all the stationery is completed, we're onto making lotsaaa lists for the jack&jill, wedding ceremony & reception. It's so fun! We're really into this sorta thing (if you haven't noticed haha) PLUS it's a barn wedding, there's nothing better, in my opinion! Pinterest is our best friend until the wedding!!!

Here are some fun ideas that I'm loving right now & might want to incorporate into Amanda & Kody's special day. 

So much inspiration here. Some of these ideas have been approved by the bride & groom & some are just more ideas to discuss. 

Can't wait until their special day!

- Char.



It looks like fall, it feels like fall...guys I think its fall. Although I'm sad to see the summer go, I'm pretty pumped. It's my favourite season, not only because of the beautiful colours, but for the versatile styles fall brings. It's the easiest season to dress for & the colours are divine. 

I was cruising through the Chapters/Indigo website & they have some awesome new fall finds! I had to share my faves. Check them out below & let me know what your favourites are. 

I hope these items get you in the mood for fall. They sure got me in the mood for the new season...& to shop. Oh god. 

Happy Friday everyone! Have an awesome weekend.

- Char.



Isn't Instagram great? I don't know about you guys but I'm sadly obsessed with it. I stumbled across a person on Insta today & completely fell in love with her page. I know its just another social media platform that may or may not be important to me in a few years, but I do appreciate a good page; someone who dedicates their time in every detail about what they're posting from the lighting, to the positioning to the props. It really makes the photo stand out. 

For you guys... I specially chose some awesome Instagramers (cause that's a word) & picked some of my most recent faves from them. Check it out below.


So many cute shots with lots of variety. I love Marie's page! Does this girl have a blog? Because I'd like to start following it. 


Did you love these photos as much as I did? So soft, light & simple, yet completely beautiful. I'm actually in awe of her Instagram & wished my whole feed were photos like these. Check out __gypsyheart__ here!


Fellow graphic designer, Jane, has shots with bold colours, beautiful scenery & beautiful things to look at. 

I myself don't have that much dedication in perfecting the perfect Instagram photo...just yet! I can't say I don't try sometimes, because I definitely do. Sometimes I scroll through my own page and delete photos cause I don't like how they look anymore. (Designer problems..hopefully I'm not the only one)

I hope you guys enjoyed some of these awesome Instagrammers & follow them so you can keep up with them too!

Also if you have any favourite Instagram pages, please share! We love getting suggestions. 

Thanks & talk to you soon :)

- Char.