Photo Credit:  Fulcrum Imaging

Photo Credit: Fulcrum Imaging

Hi, we’re Michelle & Charlotte. We are two left-handed Graphic Designers who share a passion for the love of all things paper & print.

We met in college, kind of a funny story. Michelle cut her finger with an x-acto knife (typical designer move) & Charlotte came to the rescue knowing where the first aid box was. We aren’t going to give you the dirty deets…but there was some blood. From that day forward, we became inseparable, living off KD & Little Caesars pizza.

After the college days & eating terrible food, it was time to grow up & face reality. Job hunting could have been the death of us but in the back of our minds we always knew we wanted to work together.

So here we are, as our story continues. follow along, get inspired & watch our journey unfold.



Hi I’m Michelle. I’m a mid-twenties Graphic Designer who is inspired by all things beautiful & creative. I’m a paper enthusiast, vegetarian, coffee lover & I have a thing for typography, anything letterpress, & perfect stationery. I’m a sucker for a good chick flick accompanied by some chocolate & popcorn. Owls are a minor obsession of mine. Family & friends mean the world to me; & obviously my black lab princess, Alexis.

A Little Q&A...

What’s your favourite colour? Right now….probably mint green.

What is one weird fact about you? I have an actual fear of ketchup. It's repulsive.

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? Time control. Some days are too long & some days are too short.

Favourite font? This is incredibly hard, but I would have to say Helvetica Neue Ultra Light. Thin fonts are my weakness.

Stranded on a desert island, what would you bring? A smartphone with amazing reception & an endless battery life…so I could get off the island.

Dream vacation destination? Greece. The food, the culture, the beautiful architecture….ugh.

Dogs or cats? Mans….erm womans best friend, dog.

Favourite season? I enjoy them all…except for the after winter mushy-muddy-dead looking season that’s right before spring.

What’s your least favourite food? Raw tomatoes. They're only good cooked.

One famous person you’d like to have coffee with? John Lennon. I’m sure his stories would be mind-blowing.



I'm Charlotte. I'm a 20 something girl obsessed with girly things! I love beautiful stationery, love stories, magazines on magazines, delicious vanilla lattes & bouquets of any colour tulips. I’m a designer of all sorts; editorial, branding, stationery & all around Graphic Design. A girl who is always smiling & taking in the beautiful things that life puts in front of me. I get inspired very easily & Pinterest is a slight addiction.

A Little Q&A...

What’s your favourite colour? Turquoise. & I spell it wrong every time.

What is one weird fact about you? I can't sneeze in public. I know it's weird.

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? Time travel… yes please!

Favourite font? I seriously can’t pick just one font. But I love anything & everything light & thin.

Stranded on a desert island, what would you bring? My boyfriend, so he could build us an awesome shelter. :)

Dream vacation destination? Greece, or Bora Bora, or maybe Hawaii...yeah I don't know.

Dogs or cats? Dogs! But I love my crazy cat.

Favourite season? Summer ending & fall beginning. Hot sunny days & cool crisp nights by a fire.

What’s your least favourite food? Raw onions.

One famous person you’d like to have coffee with? Lauren Conrad. Typical girl answer but I have to say I've loved her since Laguna days & want be friends...but seriously.