40 days until Christmas everyone....40 DAYS! Some say its too early to shop & wrap gifts, I think it's never to early. Why wait until the last minute, rush to an overly crowded mall, find a parking spot miles away from the door, squeeze yourself into jammed stores, sweat, panic & scream, to finally settle on a decent gift for a loved one? Why go through all that, when you can get it done early & enjoy the holidays? Yeah... I know I'm right.

This post is for all you late shoppers, to get you motivated & for all you early birds, to get you inspired. I have always been a fan of different and creative ways to wrap gifts. I love the use of kraft paper, handmade gift tags, glitter, pine cones & more. I love receiving a gift that is beautifully wrapped, because it just shows that so much love went into that last minute gift...

Here are some of my favourite finds for some holiday gift wrapping inspiration. Lets hope this gets all of us into gear to either start shopping or start wrapping! Get creative!

Those pine cones are adorable! I love the idea of props, like bells on the gifts. Those polka dots though...swoon!

Gold paper flowers? Yes please!!

This Idea is super cute. 24 days of Christmas & a gift every day!

Ok, now go!

- Miche