Credit: prettypaperlove

Credit: prettypaperlove

Guys, Christmas is tomorrow!!!! Ah we're so excited it's like we're 8 years old all over again. I guess the excitement never dies. 

We're both VERY ready for the holidays & cannot wait to celebrate it with our families. Are you guys doing anything exciting? We have a few fun things going on. We're heading out to the ski hills for the first time this season. We're actually hoping for colder weather so we can have some fresh powder for boarding. Here's to hoping!

Over the holidays we're going to be taking a tiny hiatus from blog life to spend time with our families & do a bit of traveling. We'll be back for you guys in the new year with some exciting new plans for where we'd like to take prettypaperlove, along with an updated blog design! So stay tuned for that!

Happy holidays everyone!