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I have been wrapping gifts with kraft paper for a few years now & I absolutely love how creative I can get. There are so many ways to personalize the wrapping job, rather than using regular old pre-patterned gift paper. You can stamp designs, draw patterns & sayings, or even glue on feathers or paper flowers. To add the final touches to your wrapping job, you can finish it off with some nice ribbon or twine.

I recently came across a website that has everything to do with kraft wrapping paper & all its accessories, including stickers, confetti, gift tags & twine. Not only are their products perfect, the packaging for the products is perfect as well. Head over to to browse around & get creative with your wrapping.

 Photos from  Knot & Bow Etsy

Photos from Knot & Bow Etsy

This is where I will be shopping to stock up on my grift wrapping supplies, including those adorable gold heart stickers & the metallic glitter twine!


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