I'm back from Cuba & thought I'd share a few photos that I took along the way. This one above was taken by my Dad while I was cruising down the beach. Who knows what I'm thinking in that head of mine! 

Photo Credit: prettypaperlove

Photo Credit: prettypaperlove

I can't complain about the weather because I have a pretty decent tan going on, but there was a few overcast days. On a not so sunny day, we strolled into the market to check it out. It was packed with tourists buying souvenirs & other little trinkets. I found those stencils on the side of a flower pot & fell in love. I have a weakness for anything nautical! 

One day we did a catamaran boat cruise. We got to snorkel, play with dolphins & hang out at a private beach. Such a fun day! Snorkelling was awesome. We were the first ones to hop into the not so cold water & check out all the little fishes. I swam around for 10 minutes or so, saw a huge scary fish and hopped right back out. One big fish is all that I need to terrify me enough to get out. I know I know, I'm a wimp...but seriously... what about SHARKS! Haha. After snorkelling we went to see the dolphins, which are so cute and I immediately fell in love with them all. I don't agree with how they live in captivity, but I did enjoy playing with them & the nice big kiss one of them gave me! I had to say goodbye as we headed to a private beach after lunch. I encountered my first star fish! Three in total. They were so cool. A lot harder than I expected for being alive. The bottoms reminded me of fish eggs I see on my sushi! Except alive. Definitely a cool experience. 

Cuba was a good time, but I'm happy to be home. Any of you going away anywhere special? Let us know below.

Talk to you soon :)