Today is my Mom's birthday, so I thought I would share a little card crafting I did with my Mother's birthday card.

Ever since I can remember I've been making my Mom and Dad cards for their birthdays, for Christmas, for Mother's Day & for Father's Day. They absolutely love them. They prefer them over store bought cards because they come from the heart, they are original & one of a kind.

For this card, I wanted to get crafty & make a special card for my Mom. After I design & printed it on really nice stonehenge paper, I punched some heart shaped holes from paint chip cards & glued them to the card.

I then made my own envelope with kraft paper. Its quite easy to make your own envelope. You simply trace the card size onto the kraft paper, draw 4 tails from each side of the trace, fold & glue three of them together & there you have it...a homemade kraft paper envelope. After stuffing the envelope, I glued on a little heart to seal it shut.

You can always leave your envelope bare & simple...or you can get more creative with paper, like I did. I wrapped a paper doily around the base of the envelope, then wrapped it all with twine. For finishing touches, I glued on some paper roses to add a feminine flare. The roses are very suiting as well, because my Mom's name is Rose. How perfect!

I am very happy with this finished card & I know my Mom appreciated & loved it as well. It's all about the presentation & how people feel when they receive their gift. Adding simple little touches to a homemade card really makes a difference. Mother's Day is coming soon, try getting crafty with your cards & envelopes.

Happy Birthday Mom!