Yes!!! It's finally Friday everyone!! The day we all look forward to. It kickstarts our weekends which makes everyone in a great mood. They're also calling for some warmer weather & sunshine this weekend. Another plus! Here are some more positive things to keep your weekend mood happy & bright :)

Cheat Sheets For MACS

For all you designers and MAC users out there, you need this app. I use key commands everyday to make my performance faster & easier. Sometimes they can be hard to remember but this app helps you with that. Once downloaded, all you need to do is hold down your command key (MAC users only) & your key command screen pops up. When the command button is released the key commands disappear. Oh....& did I mention its free to download? Seriously, how can you resist this?

download the cheat sheet app here

Folk Style

Unlike Charlotte, I mostly hate country music (with a few exceptions). But when it comes to the folk art, "homey-feel" decorations & rustic jewellery...I'm a sucker. I recently found this website that sells everything under the sun involving folk/country style. I absolutely adore the Johnny Cash necklace (he is one of my exceptions) & anything with antlers or mason jars, I usually want to own. This site has some cute mason jar lanterns & candles for sale. Are you looking for a special gift for someone, or maybe spruce up your living space or office? If so, I recommend browsing bourbon & boots.

photos & products:  bourbon & boots

photos & products: bourbon & boots

Spring Cleaning Tips

I have to admit....I'm a little bit of a hoarder. I hate throwing stuff away because I know one day I might need it again. So to say the least, Spring cleaning is on my list to do. First would be my closet. Its a mess. Unorganized, cluttered & outdated. I was thinking of ways to organize & clean it, until I found this awesome article. Yes, the title says "Fall closet cleaning" but who says you can't use these tips for Spring cleaning? This article is super helpful & gives tips and tricks to organizing your closet, throw out some clothes & have a fresh start. Its a must read!!!

Check out the Spring...or Fall cleaning article here

article & photos:

article & photos:

I am also starting to build my scarf collection and this scarf organizer is genius. Simple, cheap and lots of storage. You can group your scarves by colour or shape, that way its easier to find what you're looking for.

article & photos:

article & photos:

If this video doesn't make you smile, then i don't know what will.....

This video is just the cutest thing. The footage is incredible & all filmed with a GoPro. It shows the playful side of a young grizzly bear splashing around in the water, exploring & showing a little curiosity with the camera. This is the closest you will get or want to be to a grizzly bear. There is a longer video with more footage if you're interested, but I like the GoPro edited version better because the music is just too perfect.

click here for the longer video

Some Damn Good Tunes

To kick off your weekend, how about some sweet, sweet music to pump you up & keep the good vibes rolling? I know you might have heard of 8tracks....but if you haven't, welcome to the best playlist source everrr! I can find any type of music for any type of mood I'm in. The website is so simple to use. Create an account, then browse away. You can save your previously listened, "liked", or "favourited" playlists & even create your own mixes. Oh & you can download the app on your smartphone....For free. Need I say more?

Click on the photos to listen to some of the playlist I've been jamming out to & go browse around for more!

Let's also reflect on how perfect the names and cover images of these playlists are! 'ULTIMATE 90's playlist' is definitely the ultimate 90's playlist. You need to check it out.


I hope everyone enjoys their Friday & has a wonderful, safe weekend!!!