Design: prettypaperlove,   Image

Design: prettypaperlove,  Image

I'd just like to start off by saying, I am SO thankful for holiday weekends. They seriously put my sanity back in place. Although I have no super exciting plans this weekend, I'm looking forward to having a FULL three days off of work! My face has been glued to a computer screen all week. I'm dreaming of that weekend bliss & hopefully a sunny one at that! The weather has been so dreary the past few days my body needs some vitamin D. I am enjoying the loud thunder storms though!

I was suppose to be going to a concert Sunday, but it got postponed until July!

BUMMER DUDE (surfer voice)

Do you guys have any fun plans worth mentioning? Usually for good ole MAY 2-4 weekend I head up to a cottage or go camping. Instead, this year I'm catching up with old friends & praying for that warm weather to come back! 

I wanted to create something exciting for you guys to kick start your long weekend. Check out this checklist of things to do! 

Click image to download. Design: prettypaperlove,  Watercolour  

Click image to download. Design: prettypaperlove, Watercolour 

I expect them allllllll to be checked off by the time you go back to work on Tuesday! I mean, who doesn't like to play jenga?

Have an awesome long weekend lovelies :)