To continue on Michelle's awesome Inspiration Board post last week, I'm here to discuss my style of inspiration boards. 

In my past work opportunities I've worked in super corporate offices & really creative offices. Currently, I'm back at a super corporate office, so like Miche, I need to get my butt started on an inspiration wall so I don't go all nutso in my cubicle. 

I like to have a variety of things on my wall, such as; inspirational quotes, pretty pictures, awesome typography, mixtures of colours, a tad bit of sparkle, lots & LOTS of textures to mix things up...oh & my lover boy of course (ya I'm talking about you Ian)! 

Unlike Michelle, I love to have a crazy busy inspirational wall! Don't get me wrong, I love a clean, pretty wall but with a busy one there are so many things to look at & get me inspired to work. Check out some of my faves I've stumbled upon on Pinterest below.

Bri over at designlovefest has upgraded to a new office since the above photo, but this one is already rad! Her wall is loaded with awesome designs & fun trinkets to look at. I'm in love!

Inspiration walls are the best. If you don't have one, go make one. ESPECIALLY FOR WORK! They're so fun to make & make my days way better. Buy some cute thumbtacks or washi tape & brighten up your desk. 

See below for a new printout to add to your board. Designed by moi. Just click & download!

Design: prettypaperlove

Design: prettypaperlove

Have a great INSPIRATIONAL day :)