Over here at prettypaperlove we love to browse through pages & pages on the web for inspiration. I could seriously get lost on the internet for hours just viewing blogs, pinterest, etsy & then back to more blogs. It's crazy how inspiring someone's post could be. 

Today I'm going to share some of mine & Michelle's favourite spots for inspiration. 

Design: prettypaperlove Artwork: designlovefest

Design: prettypaperlove Artwork: designlovefest

For years upon years I've been obsessed with Bri Emery's blog. She is actually one of the people that got me into wanting a blog. I loved her blog from start to finish...& yes I browsed through literally every page. She posts about everything & anything creative, just name it! & she has AWESOME giveaways!

All her photography is mostly hers & it's beautifully done. She also has a rad office in Cali that I'd just love to work in for a week...or forever.

Check out the images below of some examples of her posts. Oh & did I mention she teaches a blogshop class all around the world??? Yes I know amazing. Can I go already!?!

Go check out her blog & fall in love!

NEXT we have Oh So Beautiful Paper...& boy is it beautiful

Design: prettypaperlove Artwork: ohsobeautifulpaper

Design: prettypaperlove Artwork: ohsobeautifulpaper

Oh So Beautiful Paper is by far THE best paper source EVER! I'm so in LOVE with this blog its crazy. If you ever need paper inspiration go here. They post beautiful stationery from all different designers from wedding & party invitations to special greeting cards. This site is just awesome. See below some samples of their posts.


Design: prettypaperlove Artwork: annmariesloves

Design: prettypaperlove Artwork: annmariesloves

Ann-Marie has the sweetest design blog. Its both feminine & creative. You can't go wrong by checking her blog out. She does a ton of DIY and has great advice posts. She even has a little online shop.

She has a baby on the way & is creating the greatest baby book I've ever seen!

Go check it out for yourself!

Super cute right? 

& finally, The Glitter Guide.

Design: prettypaperlove Artwork: theglitterguide

Design: prettypaperlove Artwork: theglitterguide

Glitter Guide is a great lifestyle blog. They post about basically anything that you could relate to. There is always something to catch your eye & well it has glitter in the name so I like it. :) You have to check out this sweet site to get inspired! Look below for some great finds on the site right now.

Um yum....

All of these sites are great sources of inspiration for your next big project. So this weekend instead of watching a movie on the couch, browse through some of these and find something interesting to do! You won't be disappointed. 

Happy weekend everyone!