We were sooo thrilled with making these DIY tile coasters & think they turned out perfect! We decided to use personal photos & also designed some summer themed ones. You can download them below.

Our adventure for getting all the supplies was a mission. After going to three different stores, we found the perfect 4x4 tiles....for 28 cents each. Lowe's was the winner! This is a super cheap, easy DIY that anyone can do.

All you need:

Mod Podge - Acrylic Sealer (Michaels Art Store)
Decoupage Glue Sealer (Michaels Art Store)
Foam Brushes (Dollar Store)
Tiles (Lowe's)
Felt Protectors (Dollar Store)
Cork Cupboard Liners (Canadian Tire) - not photographed

Step 1 - Decoupage photos onto tiles

We laid our tiles out, very organized I might add (the OCD in us). Then we started glueing the photos onto the tiles. After all the photos were laid on, we allowed them to dry for a bit before coating them in more decoupage. Paint a coat of decoupage on top of your images & let dry completely (approx. 30 minutes). Repeat this step 2 to 3 times to completely seal your image down.

Step 1.jpg

Step 2 - Spray with Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer

Once all the tiles are completely dry, go to a well vented area/outside & lay your tiles out to be sprayed. You will need to spray your tiles & let them completely dry before coating them again. We suggest spraying them at least 3 times & letting them dry overnight. This will help with the condensation coming from your drinks.

Step 3 - Finishing Touches

We decided to use a cork back instead of the felt protectors, thanks to a lovely suggestion by a friend of ours, Nathaniel. Although the felt protectors would have worked out great too. When our coaster were completely dry, we stuck them onto the adhesive cork liner then cut them all out.

Here is where you can download our fun summer coaster designs. Simply click the images below. All photos & designs done by prettypaperlove.

We hope you guys get inspired & create some personalized coasters for yourself or your loved ones.