Is it just me or does everyone else have a mini heart attack when they walk into Chapters/Indigo? Ok good I'm glad it's not just me. 

Their paper/home/style/gifts/whatever else you wanna call it section with all the amazing goodies is what I immediately am drawn to every time I walk in there. Don't get me wrong I love all the books too, but that goody section is beyond wonderful! From bags to paper goods to cute jewellery, I can't leave that store without purchasing something I know I probably don't need, but you can't blame me right? 

The great thing about Chapters is they're not too pricey, for the most part at least. Below are some of my new favourite items. 

Are you guys swooning as much as I am yet? I'm kind of addicted to anything Kate Spade these days & I know Michelle is too. Everything is so fun! It was REALLY hard to choose my favourites for this section because I love everything & anything the company comes out with, but take a look & let me know which are your favourites! 

Out of all the great prints at Chapters, I love Stephanie Sterjovski's prints. Stumbled across her blog about a year ago. She designs a bunch of gorgeous prints to hang & frame in your office, room, house, wherever! I've seen this print in store & its gold foil to perfection! Going to have to invest in it soon. 

Seriously some awesome finds at Chapters if you're looking for the perfect gift, or shopping for yourself! Don't forget about the card section! It's equally as great as all the above!

I know you all wanna go shopping now...sorry :)