So, as you know...today is Friday the 13th. It is suppose to be a day filled with unlucky mishaps & strange mysterious behaviour right? Apparently, Friday has been considered an unlucky day at least since the 14th century. We all know that 13 has been considered an unlucky number. This is because the number 12 is thought to be a divine organization arrangement, with zodiac's, calendars & the bible of course. So when we combine an unlucky day, with an unlucky number...superstitions arise.

I personally have never had anything happen to me on a Friday the 13th (*knock on wood*) but I have always wondered about superstitions & the rituals we do to because of them. Now, I'm not going to give you a full blown history & I don't want to make this a creepy/dark post. After all...Halloween isn't for another 4 months.

First things first...Black Cats

They don't look too scary, do they? Why are we so afraid of these little black balls of fur crossing our path? Way back in the Middle Ages it was believed that if a black cat crossed your path, you will be cursed with death. It was also rumoured that witches practicing in black magic could take the shape of a black cat. However going further back into history, the Egyptians believe that cats are actually lucky & ward off negative spirits. So why do we still think black cats hold some sort of omen when the one of the original superstitions was good & not evil?


Walking under an open ladder...

I have to admit, I have done this multiple times. Apparently walking under a ladder is bad luck & you're tempting your fate. An open ladder makes up a triangle. Triangles were once a symbol of life. Also, a triangle resembles the holy trinity & by walking through it breaks the triangle & in return causes you to test your fate with life. I don't believe in this superstition, simply because nothing bad has happened to me after walking under a ladder. I mean, it is dangerous to walk under an open ladder to begin with, so maybe its best to avoid them.


A broken mirror

The belief is that you will have seven years bad luck if you break a mirror. Many cultures believed that a mirror had the power to seize part of the viewers soul. The thinking was that the person's soul would be trapped inside if the mirror was ever broken. I have never broken a mirror (*knock on wood*) & I hope I never do because that would be terrible if it were true.

Opening umbrellas inside

One superstition is that umbrellas were created to protect you from the sun so opening them inside where the sun does not shine was considered an insult to the God of the Sun. Another belief for this superstition is that because umbrellas protect you from the elements, when you open it inside your home it upsets the guardian spirits of your home, which causes them to leave you unprotected from dangers & evil.

Knock knock...

By reading this post, its clear that I knock on wood. I have always done this since I was a little girl. However, I have made adjustments to this superstition by verbally saying "knock on wood" as I bang my fist on the first thing I see & it usually is something that isn't remotely close to resembling wood. But for my sanity, it works. This superstition originated from ancient beliefs that good spirits live within the trees (like grandmother willow from Pocahontas) & by knocking on the wood, you are essentially calling on the spirits for protection.


There are many other crazy rituals we do because of superstitions, like tossing salt over our left shoulder, crossing your fingers for good luck & carrying around a rabbits foot. I just covered the ones I was always curious about. Leave us a comment about your superstitions tendencies & if anything weird happens to you on Friday the 13th.

Have a wonderful & safe weekend,

- Miche