Credit: prettypaperlove

Credit: prettypaperlove

We always find that in January we're super pumped to start following new goals & accomplishments, but by March they slowly fade away. Why is it so difficult to stick to a new resolution? We're all trying to better ourselves, yet the goals disappear. 

Wellll... since summer officially starts this weekend, we're going to try to stick to our summer goals. We found this goal list at Bluebird which inspired us to go ahead & fill out a list of goals for the summer to try & stick with!

Our goals. 


Eating – Almost every single Monday, I tell myself that I need to eat healthier because I completely gorged on bad food over the weekend. I need to find some healthy & very yummy choices & stick to it!

Drinking – I still enjoy my ciders, especially over ice on a summer day. Either Strongbow or wine. Red wine that is.

Practicing – to be patient & control my frustrations.

Mastering – having an open mind & running.

Learning – to ask for help & let other people take the wheel sometimes.

Trying – to balance. Balance my work, with my personal life, with my hobbies, with my friends & family.

Playing – with my dog more. She is getting old & I want to spend as much time with her as possible.

Finishing – paying my debt.

Reading – I’m not a big fan of reading, so I am open to suggestions about really good books that will captivate me.

Remembering – it’s ok to make mistakes & to not have things always go as planned.

Wearing – maxi skirts & cute summer dresses. I never wear dresses only because I feel awkward in them. I need to go shopping.

Cooking – new recipes. I really want to make my own homemade biscuits & bread.

Working – on saving money.

Traveling – Who doesn’t want to travel? I would love to go to a nice tropical beach, but I really want to go to BC too!

Wanting – to go on vacation. Going on a hiking trip & also do/make something extravagant.


Eating –  healthy meals. I'm working on a lifestyle change, but its a biggg change and difficult.

Drinking – more & more water. I'm trying to carry bottles around with me so I just keep drinking. It's so easy to forget to drink water, which I later regret with a nice big headache. 

Practicing – the perfect braid. 

Mastering – my very large tent that I can never seem to put up quickly. 

Learning –  to run. I've always wanted to be a runner, but it's so hard for me to get into. I need to stick to it & really try. 

Trying – new things. I'm very close minded & would really like to change that. 

Playing – outside more! I sometimes don't think about how much I'm inside. This summer I want to spend at least an hour outside (at least when its sunny). 

Finishing – things. I tend to start a lot of things & never finish them. 

Reading – I go through phases when I'm really into reading, but most of the time I don't read much. Like right now for example, I need a suggestion for a good summer read. 

Remembering – TO TAKE MY VITAMINS!

Wearing – summer dresses! One of my favourite part of summer is throwing on a simple dress & starting your day off with a comfy start. 

Cooking – more! I have a bad tendency to go out for meals. I want to try & cook more new recipes & yummy things.

Working – on my athletic ability. It's quite bad, probably because I haven't played a sport in about six years...or more. (There's my close minded head) I want to work on doing more fun things like going on hikes, throwing a baseball around & all around outdoor activities. 

Traveling – I love to travel. I don't plan on going on any exciting big trips this summer, but I want to go camping a lot! 

Wanting – to use my canoe more. 

Wanna join with us? Click here to download the fun questionnaire. Print it & fill it out. Place it somewhere easy to see everyday to keep you motivated! Have fun with it & really step up your game to make it a fun summer with lots to look forward to.