Photo:  Arup Malakar  Design: prettypaperlove

Photo: Arup Malakar Design: prettypaperlove

HAPPY LONG WEEKEND (to some lucky ones)!

It's Canada Day soon so I thought it would be appropriate to share some camping photos to get you in the mood for the great outdoors & some camping adventures! There is even a free download camping checklist, to help you pack for your long weekends...or short weekends this summer! After all, it is camping season & lets face it...we all forget to pack somethings.

 Inside Tent Photo: Rob Lee  | RV Camping Photo: Markus Spiering

Inside Tent Photo:Rob Lee | RV Camping Photo:Markus Spiering

 S'mores Photo:  Ellie  | Campfire Breakfast Photo: Alyss  | Fire Photo: ilkerender  | Jiffy Pop Photo:  Gabriel Amadeus

S'mores Photo: Ellie | Campfire Breakfast Photo:Alyss | Fire Photo:ilkerender | Jiffy Pop Photo: Gabriel Amadeus

 Photo:  James Wheeler

I hope these help you out when preparing for your next trip, maybe you'll even use them this weekend! Click the checklist images for your free downloads!

At prettypaperlove we are always curious if we have inspired you or helped you along in any way. Tag @prettypaperlove on Instagram to show us your weekend activities & if you used these checklists!

Happy Camping!

- Miche