Credit:  here  Design: prettypaperlove

Credit: here Design: prettypaperlove

Doesn't it feel like Mother's Day was just here? I'm shocked it's June, SHOCKED! The weather is heating up & I'm loving it. Even the thunder storms that have been creeping in. 

Ok Mom it's time to step aside (we still love you), it’s Dad's turn to be in the spotlight! Father’s Day is June 15th, & I'm searching away for the best Father's Day card. My Dad is the typical plaid shirt wearing, beer drinking, handy man, camping guru. Finding cards for him is always fun! He's not the sappy card type, so I gotta search around.

Check out some of my inspirational finds below & see if one is right for your Dad!

Card options today are endless. I love the variety that is out there, you can always find a personalized card for whoever. Shop around & choose the one that is just right for your Dad!

Time for him to feel special.

Love you Dad.