Yet another month of summer has gone by. Still blows my mind every time. Ahh summer will you please slow down?

Anyways on a happy note, today we have a new wallpaper for you. Say hello to the August wallpaper, one with a calendar and one without.

Show us your photos! Tag us on instagram here when you have a wallpaper in use! We'd love to see which device you chose to put it on. 

Happy Downloading :)

Image:  Credit , Design: prettypaperlove

Image: Credit, Design: prettypaperlove

Click links below to start your download for a wallpaper with calendar
1440x900   |   2560x1440   |   iPhone4/4s   |   iPhone5/5s   |   iPad

Click links below to start your download for a wallpaper without a calendar
1440x900   |   2560x1440   |   iPhone4/4s   |   iPhone5/5s   |   iPad


Do you have a phone that we don't create wallpapers for? Let us know in the comments below and we'll incorporate them next wallpaper! Also, If you have a suggestion or idea of a wallpaper you want us to create, leave us a comment! We'd love to hear from you.

Hope you guys enjoy this wallpaper. Have a good one.

- Char.