Thats me, Michelle!

Thats me, Michelle!

There I am...a little tot, running around, as free as can be. Wow. I can't believe how time flies. I am 25 years old today. Now, I'm not saying thats "old", I'm just thinking how it felt to turn 20, or 18, or 15! Imagine how my parents feel. They blink & I'm another year older! Well I think I am turning out ok :)

To celebrate this year, I am spending it with some close friends & my boyfriend at his cabin all weekend long. I cannot be more excited! Drinks, BBQ, fishing & some good ol' sunshine!

Since today is MY day, why not talk about my favourite birthday stuff? So here it is...a short list of things I enjoy on my birthday!

1) Balloons. I love balloons, pastel & gold please!
2) Cake. Sprinkle cake. Just because I haven't had that in forever!
3) Drinks. Cold ciders & a big jug of sangria.
4) Friends. I want all my friends around to celebrate! I love feeling the love :)
5) Family. I wouldn't be here without Mom & Dad!!! Bro, I know you will be celebrating in England for me!
6) Smiles & Photos. There obviously has to be a camera going around to snap some funny photos for some great memories.
7) Presents & Cards. I know that sounds bad, but I enjoy opening a few presents & being surprised! I also love a good card that's well written & from the heart. Homemade cards = bonus points.
8) Food. A great meal. Sushi. Greek. Italian. Mexican. I could go for any one of those!
9) Pampering. I enjoy a good mani & pedi. Who doesn't?
10) A good time. I don't like the saying "It's my birthday, I can cry if I want to". I just think thats sad. Lets all just have an awesome time instead?

I hope you all have a fantastic & safe weekend! I know I will be enjoying mine :)

Happy Birthday to me!!!
- Miche