I still do that when there's cake in front of me...

I still do that when there's cake in front of me...

It's my birthday today! I remember being in this photo. My Mom used to work for the head office of McDonald's. She was always getting me the coolest things, including several fun birthday parties! This one, Ronald McDonald came to & I thought it was so great.

Good old days being a kid, I'm growing up! It's crazy to me to think today I am 24 years old. I do miss high school, summer camp & college days, but I love how my life is shaping out to be! 

To celebrate my special day, I'm having a Bohemian theme'd campfire backyard party with some great friends & my boyfriend. Michelle & I are even going to get henna done on our hands to match the theme. We're too excited for words. We'll share some photos on instagram here! 

Like Michelle, I'm going to share some of MY favourite things on my birthday. 

1) Cards. I love presents too, but cards are my favourite part of my birthday! I love seeing all the different ones I get & how that person thinks the card relates to me. Oh & I also love homemade cards!!
2) Cake. Ice cream or red velvet my two absolute favourite cakes.
3) Flowers. I came home from a friends this morning & my Dad had left me flowers on the kitchen table. What a sweet surprise. 
4) Friends & Family. I love to celebrate my birthday with lots of people! It's especially nice celebrating with my parents. It still makes me feel like a little kid. I'm both a Daddy's & a Mommy's girl.
5) Photos. I absolutely love taking photos, so it's natural to be taking a ton on my birthday. 
6) Pampering. Sometimes I forget it's my birthday on my birthday, so when people make me feel special all day long, thats super nice & so appreciative! 
7) Food. I love celebrating my birthday at a restaurant, minus the embarrassing singing. 
8) Balloons. Balloons are the greatest!!!!! Especially pink ones :)
9) Make a Wish. No matter how old I get, I will always make a wish while blowing my candles out.
10) A great time. I'm very excited for my weekend of festivities with my friends & family! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend, it's already gorgeous out! 

Happy Birthday to me :)

- Char