Destinations weddings have there pros & cons, but all I see when I look at these invites & save the dates are pure beauty! I can see how much fun these were to create. 

First the invites & save the dates for John & Chelsea - There wedding took place in Jamaica & boy did they incorporate some bright, playful colours to go with their destination! The couple wanted to make their print pieces pop, so all their family & friends would want to come join in on their wedding festivities. 

All I know is I would want to attend this party! Totally loving those clever concepts & how they made the invites so realistic. That plane ticket would make me want go for sure....& well its Jamaica right? Yes please.

Next up we have Stephanie & Trey's wedding. This couple travelled to the Bahamas to get hitched. These colours really work with their destination. If I were to pick a palette for the Bahamas a sea foam green/teal & sandy beach colour is exactly what I think of.

These gorgeous save the dates were letterpress printed on linen for the cover & digitally printed the inside text on a light textured paper. The designers put in a map of the Bahamas & some fun other touches for the guests. 

I'm seriously in love with how they printed these. A texture very different, unique & something that would really stand out to make guests want to attend.

Unfortunately I didn't find the wedding invites to go along with these save the dates, but I expect them to be as beautiful as ever.

Until the next Wedding Wednesday! Have an awesome Hump day.

- Char.