All images by prettypaperlove

All images by prettypaperlove

On Sunday this past weekend, we spent the day at Aberfoyle Antique Market in Guelph, ON. Let me tell you... IT'S BEAUTIFUL THERE! If you're a thrifter, this place is a must see. From beautiful antique furniture, to old collectable toys, they have everything you could imagine & more. It's a big trip down memory lane & I'd love to bring my Grandmothers there one day.

It's open every Sunday from Mother's Day until mid October. They have special Saturday shows every so often too. 

Michelle had never been before, but I had. I knew she would love it so we planned a blog date (that might have been re-scheduled a few times from busy Summer schedules, but we finally made it). 

We went a little crazy with the photographs! Some photos were sneakily taken because of some not so kind vendors. But majority were happy to have their pieces photographed. Check out our photos below of all the interesting & crazy beautiful things we saw. 

Michelle made fun of me a tad because I started walking extremely fast as soon as I saw these gorgeous letterpress letters! I wanted to take them all home. I guess I should get a letterpress first :|

We had a great day here & it helped that it was absolutely gorgeous out! We seriously recommend making the trip out to Guelph to visit this beautiful place. Tons of great finds, antique jewellery & things you never knew you could see again! We definitely wanted to buy everything, but we were good. Michelle took home a wooden crate that is in great shape! I left empty handed this time, but I wanted every old wooden window sill I came in contact with. Next time maybe...

Happy hump day :)