Design: prettypaperlove Photo:  credit

Design: prettypaperlove Photo: credit

It's been a hard time for me getting back into work, after an amazing extra long weekend! COFFEE IS MY FRIEND. Haha. I started a new freelance gig this week & it's great! A place I'm really enjoying. The work is fun, interesting & the people are cool too. Not to mention it's super easy to get to. 

I'm covering for a girl who is on vacation for a few weeks & I'm sitting at her desk. It's always interesting to see what's in other designer spaces. We all have different inspirations & things that really move us to be who we are. A quote she has hanging was really inspiring to me.

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." 

I can't even begin to explain how true this quote is! I've had some pretty awful jobs in my day & seeing this quote made me smile (as I snapped a photo of it). I knew I wanted to do something for the blog right away when I read it. 

It's tough getting work these days, especially work you love. I'm slowly moving into jobs that I'm loving! Just gotta put your name out there & hope for the best. It's called NETWORKING! Trust me it works.

There's my inspiring quote of the week...HA. Now go do something about it!

Oh & did I mention I used some of those new fonts we provided on our type Tuesday? Just a heads up :)

Cheers to fun, happy work places. 

- Char.