If you're looking to spruce up your living space & you don't know how... an accent wall is your answer! I have been meaning to add something new & dynamic to one of my walls for a while now & I have found the answer. It's just a problem in deciding how I want to go about making this accent wall. There are so many great ideas, I can't just choose one.

Look at these amazing ideas I found...on Pinterest obviously.

Two words...Brick...Wall. Yes PLEASE! We all love a good brick wall & all the different ways to make them amazing. EEEP! I love them all....

Next up is the AMAZING idea of a vintage wood wall. There are no words to describe this perfect, perfect idea for an accent wall.


And who doesn't love glitter? one. So why not put it on your walls?

Oh & lets not forget about ombre walls. Brilliant idea, I just think it would be a little hard to achieve a perfect blend of the colours. 

After doing some research, I'm definitely inspired to do something amazing to one of my walls! I hope this has inspired you as well. Let us know if you have any creative ideas for an accent wall or if you have tried one of the above! We would love to know!

- Miche