If I'm not buying a Papyrus card (which never really happens), I usually forget to grab the envelope to go along with the card. In this case, I either have to go buy one...or I can make a pretty custom envelope right at home. Here's how:

What you need...

• Large plain paper (any colour and thickness you like)
• Patterned paper (should be thinner stock)
• Cutting mat
• X-acto knife
• Ruler
• Pencil & eraser
• Glue

First things first...

You need a large workspace, in my case I chose to do this on my living room floor. After countless times of telling my dog to "go", "move please", "no don't step there" & after a bath from her, she decided to lay down & let me start stencilling out my envelopes.

I decided to do an A7 envelope, which is 7 1/4 by 5 1/4 in size, a standard invitation envelope. I measured out the template & cut it out. After it was cut, I used the back side of my blade to 'score' the paper, to prep the paper for folding. To score paper, gently glide the back-end of the blade along the fold line using a ruler. Keep doing this until the paper is easier to fold.

See below for a free downloadable template for an A7 envelope.

Second Step...

After folding, use your eraser to take off any unwanted pencil marks that may show later when it's all glued. I then used the patterned paper & cut out an envelope liner. I made the liner fit in just with enough room around the edges for a border. If you need help, you can download the liner template below.

Third Step...

Gluing it all together. If you're using wet glue, then use it sparingly because it will make the paper damp & warped looking. I suggest using a glue stick or rubber cement. Glue the liner in first, then glue the side to the bottom flap. That easy!

There are lots of ways of making your envelopes even more special. Add paper flowers to the front, hand-print the address, & even seal it with a cute sticker or washi tape.

I hope you have a chance to make a custom envelope because they're easy, customized, & the person receiving it will be very impressed!

Happy Friday!

- Miche