We finally got to see where A+K's wedding is taking place & boy are we EXCITED! It is such a stunning venue. These photos do NOT do it justice. I can only imagine what it will look like in the summertime with the green grass & bloomed trees. Check out some of the photos we took this past Saturday while planning with the bride, groom & their Mom's. 

Off to the left is the owner's home, which looks absolutely perfect. I would love a tour! 

Where the arrow is pointing is where Amanda will be making her debut. It's a decent size drive-thru where the limo will be hiding her until the ceremony. 

This tree is going to be a great focal point when guests walk into the barn. We're thinking lots of lights, mason jars & photos of the bride, groom & family.

It's hard to tell the beauty in these photos, but this place is gorgeous. A ton of space for all the 150 guests to eat, dance & take photos at our second annual photo booth! We got a great response at their Jack & Jill so we will definitely be doing that again. 

We're going to add twinkle lights EVERYWHERE! The place will be so lit up. Also Kody's Mom, Kathy with be creating a beautiful centre piece to bring the whole room together. Tulle mighttttt be included. 

So many beautiful spaces in this barn that we can't wait to decorate with a little wedding charm! We have a ton to do, but we're ready for the challenge.

The countdown for the wedding is on! 

59 days to be exact.

- Char.