We're getting ready for another meeting with Amanda & Kody to talk all things wedding! Their special day is only 79 days away! I'm so excited for them!!!

This meeting we want to discuss anything outstanding that Miche & I need to get in order, make a big list & get cracking down on all the DIY stuff we're creating. We know the bride & grooms family have been SUPER helpful, so we're excited to hear what they have done! 

Here's a few inspiring photos that I'm swooning over this week to get me in the rustic wedding spirit (not that it ever doesn't cross my mind)!

Michelle & I found the PERFECT rustic ampersand so we're going to create an A & a K to match something similar to the above. 



Um this is perfect. 

A house nearby is getting gutted and the contractors are throwing away tons of wood. We were just so lucky to drive by on the perfect day! We found teal wood similar thickness to the above. THIS is happening. 

The photo booth at Amanda & Kody's JJ was a big hit, so it's only natural we want to do it all over again! We have a bunch of wood crates like this...I think I just found our backdrop! 

I'm really looking forward to our meeting Friday, to talk over a ton more great ideas! We absolutely love being apart of this process.

Happy hump day!

- Char.