After a longgg unexpected, unannounced time-off, we are ready to revive our baby blog and give her a pulse again! This past year [and a bit] has been incredible with ups, downs and side-ways experiences. From the chaos of moving [twice], career updates, location changes, and life challenges, we cannot be more excited to be back on our creative blog, looking for more exciting opportunities.

What have we been up to you ask?

Well, we were roommates for a year - living in a fixer-upper of a house and tackling adulting full force. We LOVED living together. I could say that I wouldn't have found a better roommate than Char. We vibe so well together, have the same interests, and are best friends. What more could you ask for? We had some hilarious, rewarding and unforgettable moments living together for that year and I think our lives both changed for the positive. RIP 63 Beatty!

When Char's boyfriend decided to take on Hockey in the UK, that's when our time together had to come to an end. This was an opportunity no one could resist!!! So she packed her bags and is now living in the UK with Ian while he finishes the season. She is having the most incredible experience, that I'm sure will stay with her forever. I cannot wait until she's home though!!! I miss her to bits!

This year I'm trying to get direction in my life, become more career and goal focused, planning for more creative outlets, and set up to be more self-aware and healthy.

We welcome you back, to follow along with our life journies, DIY projects, event support, and whatever else comes our way!

xo - Michelle