Ohhhh my, how cute are these?! I have to admit, they were a lot of fun to make, but a lot of time went into these cute cupcakes. With Easter knocking at the door, I had the urge to do some cute baking inspired by Pinterest finds. Lets start...

Step 1: Prep your decorations

I made one of my favourite vanilla cupcake and buttercream icing recipes. If y'all would like this recipe, comment below and I can post it :)

I started with the bunny tails. I rolled mini marshmallows in my hand adding a tad bit of water to make them tacky. I then dropped them in my bag of white decorating sugar and rolled them in there to get a nice coating.

To make the ears of a bunny, I saw this neat trick on Pinterest. You simply cut a large marshmallow on an angle and dip them in decorative sugar. So simple and so effective.

I don't know where all of you get your baking supplies but I usually head to Bulkbarn. They always have seasonal sections and I found these cute bunny feet. Made my life easier, as I was planning on making them out of candy melts. Saved a lot of time there!

Step 2: Ice the cupcake

I decided to make some "dirt" for my cupcakes. I separated the icing from 15 Oreos, put that in with my buttercream icing then crushed the cookie for that dirt effect. Plus who doesn't love a little Oreo action in their cupcakes?

I iced the cupcake then stuck the crushed Oreos on top. I quickly iced the grass with my grass tip.

I then placed a bit of icing on the end of a large marshmallow and stuck it in the "dirt". This is the body of the bunny. After I piped the grass all around the body to fill in the dirt spots. Then you pop on the tail and little feet.

You're all done!

I hope you guys try this one out! It was fun seeing them all come together and getting the reactions out of everyone.

Happy Easter Friends!

- Miche